Put some all of your data to work

Loominance is the first Universal Data Orchestration Platform, designed to continuously deliver actionable account intelligence to a company’s teams and systems. Sales, marketing, and channel teams rely on Loominance to easily transform disconnected data from anywhere across the enterprise into prioritized opportunities and accelerated revenue.
Dramatically improve conversion rates by 2-3x and reduce the number of days-to-close deals by 40%.
Align your company’s Sales and Marketing account prioritization processes and deliver repeatable and attributable revenue, including through your partners.
See value in days instead of months by building your account-based workflows on a scaled, automated, data orchestration platform.
"Not only has Loominance yielded better conversion rates, but this data has encouraged senior sales reps who were initially closed off to call blitz days to participate since they can better understand how to approach a cross-sell conversation with their existing customers."
Senior Global Partner Go-to-Market Manager
"I am blown away with the level of data; and can't believe you were able to package it all up in such a consumable manner."
Strategic Accounts Manager, Channel Marketing
"I just built a Partner SDR dashboard in 15 minutes that I've been trying to build in SFDC for almost 2 years!
You guys are awesome!"
Director, Inside Sales


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